Eric Escoffier – When the head carries the body

ARD/SWR, 2001, 55 min.

Portrait of the extreme mountaineer Eric Escoffier

“A portrait of the extreme mountaineer Eric Escoffier, who was paralyzed on one side after a car accident, yet continued to push his body to new extremes and to dedicate his life to climbing the world’s highest peaks. This film introduces a remarkable man, one who tests his own limits, but who also appears to lose all sense of proportion. During his last ascent of an eight thousand metro peak in July 1998, his trail runs cold; on 9 August 1998 Escoffier was declared dead.

What makes this film by Jan Kerhart and Sandra Maischberger so worth watching is its restraint. Rather than celebrating a hero, it conveys the melancholy insight that a person cannot help being who he is, even if it costs him his life.”

Source: Der Spiegel, 2001

Written by: Sandra Maischberger, Jan Kerhart
Camera: Jan Kerhart, Gregor Sommer
Sound: Stefan Paul, Gregor Sommer
Editor: Klaus Flemming, Marc Pascher
Music: Dominic Vierneisel, Klaus Gartenicht
Production: Ulrike Römhild, Johanna Reuther