BND – On Cold Warriors and terrorist hunters

ARD/NDR, 2006, 45 min.

This documentary marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Germany’s intelligence agency.

How has the German intelligence agency changed since it was first set up? In the early years, espionage was mainly directed against communist countries. Nowadays, its intelligence work focuses on combating international terrorism in places like Afghanistan. But the BND operates in Europe too.

This documentary includes hitherto unreleased footage from the BND archives. Politicians such as Helmut Schmidt, Egon Bahr and the former BND presidents Klaus Kinkel and Hans-Georg Wieck, as well as members of the intelligence service in the east and west, supply background information about the Cold War.

Written and directed by: Ulrich Stein und Wolfgang Klauser
Camera: Jan Kerhart, Reiner Bauer, Till Sündermann
Editor: Klaus Flemming