The Mozart Show – Celebrating the 250th Birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

ARD/WDR, 2006, 90 min.

Celebrating the 250th Birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

He was one of the pop stars of his day. Popular, admired and appealing to the masses. Unlike other legends, he was already a star in his own lifetime. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born on 27 January 1756 in Salzburg, was a child prodigy, a genius and an eccentric.

He died at the age of 36, leaving behind many questions. To this day, scholars and experts are looking into his life, his madness and his death. Who was Mozart really? And why is everyone familiar with his music, to this day?

Presenter Sandra Maischberger looks into many unanswered questions and celebrates a festival in honour of his 250th birthday – with marvellous voices, surprise performances, anecdotes by prominent guests and modern-day legends about the star of the European music world. Legendary rock singer Peter Kraus pays tribute to the musical genius with his rendering of Falco’s “Amadeus”, as does celebrity chef Johann Lafer, who prepares Mozart’s favourite dishes in the course of the show. Christiane Hörbiger and Heide Simonis admit to their passion for the Salzburg composer.

The “Mozart Show” tests whether cows do indeed produce more milk listening to Mozart than to rock and pop music. And it takes us on a journey through time to visit “Lambert Hofer” a Viennese costume agency that is steeped in tradition: What did people wear in Mozart’s day and age? And is it true that Mozart did not wear any underpants? Last but not least, Cordula Stratmann offers a very personal criticism of the “Magic Flute”.

Presenter: Sandra Maischberger
Director: Michael Maier
Producer: Vanessa Nöcker