Seychelles Dream – North Island – Back to paradise

NDR/ARD, 2007, 45/60 min.

An island is to be restored to its original state – for the programme “Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer”.

Anyone seeking perfect happiness will find it on North Island. Tropical rainforests, granite rocks, deserted beaches and warm waves. The 250 hectare island lies 32 kilometres north-west of Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles. Over 200 different types of coral produce a plethora of bright colours along the coast. This is the real luxury of this island paradise: its seemingly untouched nature. Seemingly – because after the collapse of the coconut industry, the farmers of North Island departed, leaving behind overgrown plantations and numerous non-indigenous animal species.

In the end, private investors bought the island and launched a major conservation project. What kind of infrastructure does a resort like this need: an island that is to be left to nature? And how can such incredibly sophisticated luxury be reconciled with life on a Robinson Crusoe island?

Written and directed by: Vanessa Nöcker
Camera: Jan Kerhart
Editor: Klaus Flemming