Peter Graf Story

ARD/NDR, 2008, 45/60 min.

A portrait of Peter Graf, the father of the legendary German tennis player Steffi Graf

Peter Graf turned his daughter Steffi into the most successful German athlete of recent decades and an international star. For years, she was the number one seed in women’s tennis, and the “Graf Company”, whose chief executive he was, made millions. But Peter Graf was also the most famous German tax dodger of his day, the first celebrity to be sent to prison for almost three years for withholding millions in taxes.

For the first time, Peter Graf has released private photographs and film footage of the early days of the later tennis queen, and tells Ulrich Stein the story of his life on camera.

Written and directed by: Ulrich Stein
Camera: Jan Kerhart, Reiner Bauer
Editor: Klaus Flemming