Statutory vs. private health insurance

ARD, 2009, 45 min.

Sandra Maischberger investigates the two-class system of medical insurance

Medical health care has traditionally had a good reputation in Germany. However, the population is ageing and advances in medicine are associated with higher costs. Medical benefits and medication are increasingly being withheld from patients because their compulsory health insurance can no longer afford to pay. Are patients with compulsory health insurance unknowingly being refused the best possible care? Do privately insured patients receive better treatment because they pay more? Is health care a luxury and therefore only available to those who can pay for it?

Sandra Maischberger looks at these questions, visits doctors’ surgeries and hospitals and talks to patients, doctors and nurses.

Written and directed by: Ulrich Stein
Camera: Jan Kerhart, Ralf Heinze
Sound/Assistance: Ole Fensky, Jens Müller-Ali
Film Editors: Klaus Flemming, Katja Wöhler
Production Management: Melanie Heilig
Producer: Vanessa Nöcker
Editor: Barbara Biemann (NDR), Patricia Schlesinger (NDR)