Richard von Weizsäcker – President forever

NDR, 2010, 90 min.

You think you know him: as a counsel for the defence at the Nürnberg War Tribunal, as Chairman of the Church Congress, as the Mayor of Berlin and finally as the German President who got involved in politics.

Yet Richard Weizsäcker has always shielded his innermost emotions from public view, until now. How did the youngest child of a distinguished aristocratic family find his place next to his overpowering older brother Carl-Friedrich? How did he cope with the death of his favourite brother, Heinrich, who was killed not far from him during the war? What led him to join a group of would-be Hitler assassins?

Sandra Maischberger follows up these questions and accompanies Richard von Weizsäcker for a period of two years, to places which have a special significance for him.

Written and directed by: Sandra Maischberger and Jan Kerhart
Camera: Jan Kerhart
Sound/Assistance: Ole Fensky, Jens Müller-Ali
Editing: Michael Scheffold
Production Management: Melanie Heilig
Production: Matthias Martens
Research and Archives: Martina Steinführer
Redaktion: Alexander von Sallwitz, NDR