Invisible Threat – Nanotechnology in our daily lives

ZDF, 2011, 45 min.

Nanotechnology is revolutionising industry and medicine. Thanks to nanotechnology, durable forms of plastic, car finishes and paints are now available. Energy can be stored more easily. Nanotechnology is an important scientific development that has become part of our everyday lives. Clothing contains nanoparticles, which are also used in coatings for mobile phone buttons and computer keyboards, in baby bottles, toys, cutting boards and impregnating sprays.

Nanotech is found in cosmetics, cleaning cloths and food packaging. The particles are so tiny that we can inhale them and they can enter our blood stream and the cells of our body. Some nanotech substances are suspected of causing cancer, and warnings are being issued by consumer-watch organisations and scientists.

The author Andrea Hauner looks for answers to many unanswered questions. How much nanotech do the articles we use on a day-to-day basis actually contain? How big is the risk to us and our environment really?

Written and directed by: Andrea Hauner
Camera: Jan Kerhart, Stefan Paul
Sound: Ole Fensky, Johannes Ziegler, Claas de Buhr
Production manager: Katharina Riemer
Editor: Klaus Flemming
Redaktion: Michael Strompen, Christian Dezer
Producer: Werner Vennewald