Pershing instead of petting

ZDF, 2011, 2 x 45 min.

A film examining the wide resistance to the deployment of nuclear missiles in Germany.

Part 1: Helmut Schmidt and Rearmament
Part 2: The Departure of the “Missile Chancellor”

The largest popular mass movement in West German history took place in the early 1980s in response to the imminent deployment of Pershing II and cruise missiles. Almost two thirds of the German population rejected further missiles being deployed on West German soil at the time.

Helmut Schmidt, the initiator of the plan to upgrade NATO’s nuclear weapons, later said: “It hurts when you see so many people demonstrating and know that they are wrong.”

Written and directed by: Sandra Maischberger, Jan N. Lorenzen
Camera: Jan Kerhart
2nd Camera: Stefan Paul, Mark Dölling
Sound: Ole Fensky, Johannes Ziegler
Editing: Jürgen Hermann
Production Management: Melanie Heilig (VINCENT TV), Alexander Kegler (ZDF)
Editorial: Christian Dezer
Producer: Matthias Martens