Genetic foods, a risk?

NDR, 2011, 45 min.

Vincent TV goes in search of evidence for the new NDR documentary series “45 Minutes”. Is genetically-modified food a toxic curse, or a blessing? The documentary seeks answers from farmers and organic producers in North Germany. It visits the European Food-Testing Laboratory in Parma, takes a look at soy beans and other genetically-modified foods and interviews representatives of Greenpeace, the food lobby and food producers.

Written and directed by: Andrea Hauner
Camera: Christel Pullmann, Christian Bormann, Jan Kerhart, Jens Gebhardt, Matthias Bollinger, Stefan Paul
Sound: Ole Fensky, Antonio Cotizelati, Julia Rosemeier, Stefan Kur
Editor: Klaus Flemming
Production manager: Katharina Riemer
Producer: Werner Vennewald