ARTE Re: Norway – No country for reindeer?

ARTE, 2017, 30 min.

Mai-Lis Eira belongs to the last indigenous people of Europe, the Sami. She and her father are reindeer herders. But they have already lost a substantial proportion of the pastures on which their animals have been grazing for centuries, to Norway’s industry. Now a high-voltage power line is to be built, cutting straight across the heart of the valley where their reindeer calve.

ARTE Re: follows Mai-Lis Eira and her family in their battle against the Norwegian state-owned energy company. The government wants to use the transmission line to supply power to the oil industry, and shows little sympathy for the existential fears of the Sami herders.

Director: Simone Brannahl
Editorial team: Kathrin Bronnert
Executive producer: Nadja Frenz
Production company: Vincent TV