ARTE Re: Battle of the Ultras – Right-wing Football Fans in Italy

NDR/ARTE, 2018, 30 min.
Italian football fans have a bad reputation. Violence in the stadiums, racism and fascist symbols are everyday occurrences in the stadiums. For some time now, clubs and police authorities have been fighting back by imposing stadium bans. The “ultras”, fanatical football fans, feel they are being treated unfairly. They claim they are being used as scapegoats by Italian politics, which is trying to deflect attention from its own failures.

ARTE Re follows Beppe Franzo, one of the key figures among the ultras supporting Juventus Turin, during the days leading up to the last home match of the season. He meets with representatives of the principal ultra groups to prepare for the season final. They also discuss the failure of politics and their own – often extreme right-wing – views. But left-wing ultras are standing up to them: Domenico Mungo, an anarchist and a teacher, is not prepared to leave Turin and the ultra movement itself to the right-wing without a fight.

Director: Michael Richter
Editorial team: Kathrin Bronnert
Executive producer: Nadja Frenz
Production company: Vincent TV