ARTE Re: Diagnosed with Down Syndrome – Living with the Decision

Nowadays, doctors can determine with great precision whether the child growing in a mother’s womb is healthy or not. Many women resort to prenatal diagnostics to set their mind at ease, so that they can enjoy the rest of their pregnancy. But what if they find that something is wrong? In this case they face an agonising question: Will we be able to manage life with a disabled child? Monika and Olaf Körs had just a few days in which to make this far-reaching decision. They decided in favour of their daughter, Charlotte – in spite of her being diagnosed with Down syndrome. Arte Re describes their everyday lives – and the social pressures arising through the possibilities afforded by prenatal medicine.

Director: Gesa Berg
Editorial team: Kathrin Bronnert
Executive producer: Nadja Frenz
Production company: Vincent TV