Katarina Witt – A world star from the GDR

Katarina Witt is the most successful female athlete in the history of figure skating with two Olympic victories, four world championship and six European championship titles. She combines East German identity with international flair and is to this day the “most beautiful face of socialism” – and the most internationally known citizen of the former GDR. She has reinvented herself again and again: as an East German ice princess, as an international show star, as an ambassador for sport. To this day, she confidently stands by her GDR origins, which many give her high credit, but which also brought her hostility.

The film “Katarina Witt – A world star from the GDR” by Jobst Knigge follows the path of the girl from Saxony to Hollywood.

Director: Jobst Knigge
Executive Producer: Ulrich Stein
Editorial team: Anais Roth
Producer: Sandra Maischberger
Production company: VINCENT PRODUCTIONS for MDR / ARTE