maischberger. die woche

“maischberger. die woche ” is the new ARD talk format that has been replacing the classic “maischberger” discussions on Wednesday night (10.50 p.m.) since October 2019.

The new format breaks away from the monothematic bracket and on Wednesday, literally in the middle of the weekly events, deals with the political and social issues that move people in different talk constellations. The selection of topics is based on the events and debates of the current week.

“maischberger. die woche” follows a dramaturgy with different conversation situations: discussion panel, one-on-one interview, moderated duel.

This redesign of the show was received positively by both viewers and critics: the German media magazine, for example, praised the format change and voted presenter Sandra Maischberger among the eleven most influential television producers of 2019.

WDR editor in charge: Dr. Elke Maar
Senior editor: Jakob Menge
Line producer: Patrick Dresen
Managing editors: Hendrik Fritzler, Daniel Brand
Team: Bianca Hermann, Ines Urban, Jens-Holger Fink, Martina Steinführer, Peter von Taysen, Ute Link, Sabine Doering, Dilara Yaves, Heike Thienhaus, Maureen Tismer, Tim Berressem