Surviving in Brandenburg

The auteur filmmaker Lazlo Kovac (Zoltan Paul) is denied funding for his film project. Too old, heart problems and no longer employable. Didn’t the Hungarian from Lake Balaton once want to aim high? What now? Continue to be on his successful wife’s back? Lazlo slips into a real life crisis and finds solace with a “crazy woman” from the neighbouring village.

When a right-wing AFD politician puts himself forward as the only candidate for mayor, Lazlo seems to come to his senses: To prevent the “right-wing moron” in his village of 120 inhabitants, he hastily puts himself forward as a liberal opposing candidate. ÜberLeben in Brandenburg is a comedy about age discrimination and the post-midlife crisis with a very topical reference to the political situation.

Premiere at the Hof Film Festival. The film will be released in German cinemas on 11.04.2024. More about the cinema release at

Zoltan Paul, Ben von Grafenstein
Writer: Zoltan Paul
Camera: Jan Kerhart
Editors: Ben von Grafenstein, Antje Lass, Sebastian Bonde, Mirja Gerle
Production Management: Martin Kruppe
Line Producer: Clementina Hegewisch
Clementina Hegewisch, Jan Kerhart
Production: NextFilm Filmproduktion & VINCENT PRODUCTIONS
Distribution: UCM.One / Darling Berlin

Featuring: Zoltan Paul, Adele Neuhauser, Sabine Weibel, Joachim Assböck, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Ralph Herforth, Werner Eng, Laszlo I Kish, André Fischer u.v.m.