Genetic foods, a risk?

NDR, 2011, 45 min. Vincent TV goes in search of evidence for the new NDR documentary series "45 Minutes". Is genetically-modified food a toxic [...]

Genetic foods, a risk?2019-02-21T15:38:12+01:00

Invisible Threat – Nanotechnology in our daily lives

ZDF, 2011, 45 min. Nanotechnology is revolutionising industry and medicine. Thanks to nanotechnology, durable forms of plastic, car finishes and paints are now available. [...]

Invisible Threat – Nanotechnology in our daily lives2019-02-21T15:31:16+01:00

Pershing instead of petting

ZDF, 2011, 2 x 45 min. A film examining the wide resistance to the deployment of nuclear missiles in Germany. Part 1: Helmut Schmidt [...]

Pershing instead of petting2019-02-21T15:40:06+01:00

Civil courage – Gaze or help?

SWR, 2009, 45 min. A film that analyses why people fail to display civil courage in everyday situations. Every day, people are attacked in [...]

Civil courage – Gaze or help?2019-02-21T15:45:08+01:00

Fear of flying – Disasters in the mind

SWR, 2009, 45 min. A film about the fear of flying and different ways of tackling or overcoming it About one German in three [...]

Fear of flying – Disasters in the mind2019-02-21T15:46:22+01:00

Birth and death – Overcome by Pain

NDR/ARTE, 2009, 45 min. A visit to palliative care and maternity wards A hospital in Hamburg. On the ground floor: the maternity ward. Two [...]

Birth and death – Overcome by Pain2019-02-21T15:47:30+01:00

Statutory vs. private health insurance

ARD, 2009, 45 min. Sandra Maischberger investigates the two-class system of medical insurance Medical health care has traditionally had a good reputation in Germany. [...]

Statutory vs. private health insurance2019-02-21T15:49:17+01:00

Einmal Freiheit und zurück

ZDF/ARTE, 2009, 52 min. Die unbekannte Geschichte der DDR-Rückkehrer Viele ergriffen die Flucht in Richtung Westen, manche aber kamen zurück in die von ihnen [...]

Einmal Freiheit und zurück2019-02-21T15:50:22+01:00

A Life between the Wind and the Waves

KIKA, 2009, 30 min. Airton, the Kitesurfer Airton is 14 years old and lives on the Cape Verdean island of Sal, off the coast [...]

A Life between the Wind and the Waves2019-02-21T15:51:36+01:00