Surviving Breast Cancer

NDR/ARTE, 2008, 45 min. A film about surviving breast cancer When breast cancer is diagnosed, it comes as a shock, one that the women [...]

Surviving Breast Cancer2019-02-21T15:52:56+01:00

Aus Liebe töten

ARD/NDR, 2008, 30/45 min. Brigitte R. hat als Mutter das Allerschlimmste durchgemacht: Mit 19, kurz nach dem Abitur, hat ihr einziger Sohn Riccardo einen [...]

Aus Liebe töten2019-02-21T15:55:31+01:00

Peter Graf Story

ARD/NDR, 2008, 45/60 min. A portrait of Peter Graf, the father of the legendary German tennis player Steffi Graf Peter Graf turned his daughter [...]

Peter Graf Story2019-02-21T15:56:40+01:00

Dream Train through Africa

ARD/NDR, 2008, 3x45 min. A three-part documentary that follows a luxury train through Africa from Cape Town to Dar es Salaam. Once a year, [...]

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BND – On Cold Warriors and terrorist hunters

ARD/NDR, 2006, 45 min. This documentary marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Germany’s intelligence agency. How has the German intelligence agency changed [...]

BND – On Cold Warriors and terrorist hunters2019-02-21T16:03:36+01:00

Udo Jürgens – Living for Songs

ARD/NDR, 2004, 90 min. The 70th Birthday Show To mark the 70th birthday of Udo Jürgens, the network ARD is broadcasting a grand television [...]

Udo Jürgens – Living for Songs2019-02-21T16:05:19+01:00

Cinema & Cult

N-TV, until 2004, 40 min. In 2003/2004, Vincent Television produced the weekly entertainment format “Cinema & Cult” for n-tv. 40 minutes about films and [...]

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