"I have been working on the Riefenstahl estate for more than two years. When I began my research, I focused on unknown documents such [...]


Surviving in Brandenburg

The auteur filmmaker Lazlo Kovac (Zoltan Paul) is denied funding for his film project. Too old, heart problems and no longer employable. Didn't the [...]

Surviving in Brandenburg2024-02-28T11:09:25+01:00

Cracks through Europe – The EU in the Corona crisis

Unprepared health systems and inadequate social security systems: the Corona crisis mercilessly exposes the weak points in numerous European countries. But the pandemic also [...]

Cracks through Europe – The EU in the Corona crisis2020-11-09T17:15:05+01:00

maischberger. die woche

"maischberger. die woche ” is the new ARD talk format that has been replacing the classic “maischberger” discussions on Wednesday night (10.50 p.m.) since [...]

maischberger. die woche2020-11-09T17:17:27+01:00

Katarina Witt – A world star from the GDR

Katarina Witt is the most successful female athlete in the history of figure skating with two Olympic victories, four world championship and six European [...]

Katarina Witt – A world star from the GDR2020-08-14T14:01:56+02:00

Longing sailing

Bright white sails, turquoise water and palm tree beaches - this is the backdrop of the 10-part ARD documentary series "Sehnsucht Segeln" (longing sailing). [...]

Longing sailing2020-04-16T19:57:12+02:00


Since the beginning of 2016, Sandra Maischberger discusses political and socio-political topics on ARD every Wednesday evening at 10.45 pm with prominent and non-prominent [...]