Saudi Arabia – Oil Power in Crisis

Arte, 2017, 52 min “Saudi Arabia has been dependent on oil for far too long. This has got to change, very soon!”– Ahmed El [...]

Saudi Arabia – Oil Power in Crisis2019-02-21T14:33:03+01:00

16 Times Germany – “BERLIN: REICHSTAG”

ARD, 2013, 15 min. True to its federal tradition, ARD - the consortium of public broadcasters in Germany - has decided to give particular [...]

16 Times Germany – “BERLIN: REICHSTAG”2019-02-21T15:08:03+01:00

Fortress Europe

NDR/ARTE, 2013, 52 min. Every year, hundreds of thousands of refugees try to get to Europe. In 2011 alone, almost 2000 of them – [...]

Fortress Europe2019-02-21T15:09:57+01:00

Pershing instead of petting

ZDF, 2011, 2 x 45 min. A film examining the wide resistance to the deployment of nuclear missiles in Germany. Part 1: Helmut Schmidt [...]

Pershing instead of petting2019-02-21T15:40:06+01:00

Desert War – Islamists in the Sahara

NDR/ARTE, 2015, 52 min. In January 2013, 2500 French troops marched into Mali to prevent the impending conquest of the West African country by [...]

Desert War – Islamists in the Sahara2019-02-21T14:49:15+01:00

Helmut Schmidt off duty

ARD/NDR, 2007, 90 min. A portrait of the former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt Golden Camera Award 2008 for Sandra Maischberger and Jan Kerhart in [...]

Helmut Schmidt off duty2019-02-21T15:58:46+01:00