Menschen bei Maischberger

ARD/WDR, 2003-2015, 75 min. Every Tuesday evening at 10.45 p.m., Sandra Maischberger welcomes guests on the public-sector network ARD to discuss topical and emotive [...]

Facing the Questions

WDR, 2014 - 2017, 60 min. Sandra Maischberger brings along some critical and searching questions when she invites guests to discuss with her in [...]

German Dynasties: The Furtwänglers

ARD/WDR, 2015, 43 min. Maria Furtwängler’s surname has sometimes been a burden to her. After all, the Furtwänglers have produced an outstanding archaeologist and [...]

Avraham and his new home

KIKA, 2015, 26 min. In this film about Hasidic Jews in Ukraine, the writer Andrea Morgenthaler gives us a glimpse of a very unusual [...]

The Cape of Wild Animals

ARD/NDR, 2015, 30 x 48.30 min. Landscapes brimming with exotic beauty, glowing red sunsets and wild animals – this is the backdrop to the [...]