Al-Anood – Sindbad’s heiress casts off

KIKA, 2017, 25 min.

Al-Anood and her family live in the small port of Sur on the coast of Oman. She is twelve years old and she has an unusual dream: Al-Anood wants to win an Olympic medal for her country, in sailing.

Oman has a long tradition of sailing. The country lies in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula, on the shipping route between East Africa and India. Over the years, Omani sailors became pioneers in the art of navigation. Their stories of adventure were condensed into the fairy-tale of Sindbad the Sailor, who according to legend was born in Oman. To ensure that the next generation continues this nautical tradition, Sultan Qabus ibn Said has set up a range of sailing programmes. Al-Anood is one of 11,000 children who regularly train and who hope one day to be selected for the Olympic team.

The screenwriter Nadja Frenz follows Al-Anood for the KiKA series “Take a look into my world” and offers us rare glimpses of everyday life in Oman: we see the girl not only during her training sessions and other leisure activities, but also at home with her family – offering a view of the private life of women that is normally inaccessible to camera crews in Muslim countries.

Screenwriter and director: Nadja Frenz
Director of photography: Torben Müller
Sound: Bea Müller
Producer: Simone Owczarek
Content editor: Thomas Miles, KiKA
Executive producers: Sandra Maischberger, Matthias Martens