Longing sailing

Bright white sails, turquoise water and palm tree beaches - this is the backdrop of the 10-part ARD documentary series "Sehnsucht Segeln" (longing sailing). [...]

The Islam of Women

When you think of women in Islam in Europe, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the oppression of women. No religion [...]

Estimate, bid, fear

The new rbb documentary series "Estimate, bid, fear" takes a look behind the scenes of a Berlin auction house and accompanies auctioneers on their [...]

Lebanon – A Country as a Hostage

Hezbollah, the Shiite “Party of God”, is becoming more and more powerful. In its home country, Lebanon, it is now a state within a [...]

The Black Sea Coast

ZDF/ARTE, 2018, 5x52 min. and NDR 2x45 min. The Black Sea at the edge of Europe: For a long time it was almost inaccessible. [...]

Manuel Down Under

ZDF/ARTE, 2018, 5x26 min. Manuel Zube and Julius Werner are from Kiel and dream of backpacking across Australia. What makes them different is that [...]

Secrets of Arabia

RBB/ARTE, 2017, 5x45 min. and NDR 2x45 min. The countries on the Arabian Peninsula are known for three things: their wealth, Islam and their [...]

German Dynasties: The Furtwänglers

ARD/WDR, 2015, 43 min. Maria Furtwängler’s surname has sometimes been a burden to her. After all, the Furtwänglers have produced an outstanding archaeologist and [...]

Avraham and his new home

KIKA, 2015, 26 min. In this film about Hasidic Jews in Ukraine, the writer Andrea Morgenthaler gives us a glimpse of a very unusual [...]

The Cape of Wild Animals

ARD/NDR, 2015, 30 x 48.30 min. Landscapes brimming with exotic beauty, glowing red sunsets and wild animals – this is the backdrop to the [...]

Mensch, Bio!

WDR, 2014, 90 min. Alfred Biolek is one of the last living doyens of German television. For decades he presented personal biographies with unparalleled [...]