Since the beginning of 2016, Sandra Maischberger discusses political and socio-political topics on ARD every Wednesday evening at 10.45 pm with prominent and non-prominent guests.

With the change from Tuesday to Wednesday, the talk format, which was awarded the “German Television Prize”, has further sharpened its profile. “maischberger” stands for current, opinionated and position-promoting discussions.

Points of view are not only illustrated, but deepened by different and original references, as well as by a historical classification of the topics or the meeting of political decision makers with affected people. In addition, the host asks experts about orientation and classification in order, ideally, to gain new insights.

All this is ambitious for a talk show, but Sandra Maischberger succeeds again and again – and sometimes even the television critics notice that:

“So much truth was rare in a talk show” (“Focus”)

“The difficult subject was dealt with seriously and tactfully. This was a talk of the category ‘exemplary'” (“BILD”)

“What distinguishes the mission is the great objectivity with which such a difficult topic is discussed, an objectivity that tries to enlighten without distantly or emotionlessly winding down facts.”  (“Welt”)

WDR editor in charge: Dr. Elke Maar
Senior editor: Jakob Menge
Line producer: Patrick Dresen
Managing editors: Hendrik Fritzler, Daniel Brand
Team: Bianca Hermann, Ines Urban, Jens-Holger Fink, Martina Steinführer, Peter von Taysen, Ute Link, Sabine Doering, Tim Berressem